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"I just wanted to congratulate you for your stunning Guanajuato triptych at the Sooke show. I have stood in more or less the same place on the Guanajuato hillside many times, but the eye moves and it takes a panoramic photo to capture the genius, beauty and community of that place. Your piece was receiving a tremendous amount of attention while I studied it - one of the hits of the show, I think."

Gene Miller, Victoria

"We did really enjoy the Sooke Art Show it was beautifully done and Neil's photo was just breath- taking and lots of people were admiring it with lots of comments on the detail."

Janet Taylor, Shawnigan Lake

"It has been my great privilege to become acquainted with Neil Fatin, and his photographic work. It always excites and amazes me how his eye captures the tiny nuances of texture and subject matter, often missed by the cursory glance at a subject. It's as though Neil's artistic eye discerns something more in that mili-second it takes the shutter to snap his subject. One can become lost in viewing his work, as it takes the viewer to another world, which is so indicative of any true artist."

Michaela Davidson

"Out to Pasture 1" is a soul gripping saga from the brand new shiny joy, pride, excitement and dreams of a new car - to the rotten relics left to rust in the grass. And it does it all twice. Awesome.

"Bastou" is a touching vignette of Life where one expects a woman to come out from behind the open door in the next moment.

"Jaded Ivories" is the delicious life story of a beloved, much used, misused, patient, and as familiar as old slippers, family fixture piano.

In "Cascade" one can almost slip on the dangerously wet rocks.

"Haiku" is a haiku.

"Desert Traffic" leaves one parched and yearning for a glass of water, and with the desperate faded hopes of a vanished people.

"Lost Warrior" leaves one with just that - the life story of a once valiant warrior now deserted and forgotten in the wilderness.

"Old Town Gallery 1" truthfully reflects the well worn life stories of its oldest tenants.

These are just a few of the best.

Peter at Salescene